My pipes

The shape and style of my pipes range from classic to freehand, and always with a twist of my own personal style.
I'm very inspired by the movement of fish in water and of the movements of the sea and nature in general.
I personally select my blocks of briar. I get them in Liguria (at Mimmo’s) and in Tuscany.
 The blocks are left to air-dry in my workshop where i periodically test the blocks, verifying the color and weight.
No block is used before 6 years of aging in my workshop. 

All my pipes are hand carved and the bore of bowl and the stem are drilled by hand.
My mouthpieces are handmade of high-grade ebonite or cumberland, often fitted with a ring of boxwood or other exotic wood.
Depending go the grain (and my creative mood) I make my pipes smooth, blast, rusticated - or any combination that serves the expression I want to give the pipe.
The finishing is made with a smooth stain that gives a natural contrast and carnauba wax.

Details - pipes in process!

From my doodle-book...