About Gabriele

Gabriele Dal Fiume
Mail: info@dgpipe.com
Phone: +39 (0)51 6701166
Fax: +39 (0)51 830982

Please note:
I concentrate on making pipes and I only sell my pipes through my retailers!
Please contact my retailers directly if you want to buy my pipes and tampers.

My logo
A stylistic rendering of the Nautilus as the yolk of an egg, morfed with the letter "G"

Symbolizes at the same time Me, the style of my pipes and the feeling I have when I work in my workshop...


My love for pipes took it's first steps when I was at the age of 18, looking at my father and my uncle smoking there pipes in the dining room. I still have that picture very clear in my mind...

I began collecting pipes and I was interested in all shapes and I liked the classic shapes as well as the freehand.

I soon I felt the need to build more knowledge and background on the topic and started searching for  information and documentation on this subject.
I read a lots of books on the art of pipe-making and I visited museums and workshops in Italy and abroad.

The pleasure I felt when smoking my pipes, made me desire to make one by myself. I did, and the rest is history.

I now have my own workshop where I make 60-80 pipes per year.
Their shape may range from classic to freehand, and always with a twist of my own personal style. I'm very inspired by the movement of fish in water and of the movements of the sea and nature in general.

I personally select my blocks of briar. I get them in Liguria (at Mimmo’s) and in Tuscany.
The blocks are left to air-dry in my workshop where i periodically test the blocks, verifying the color and weight. No block is before 6 years of aging in my workshop.

All my pipes are hand carved and the bore of bowl and the stem are drilled by hand.
My mouthpieces are handmade of high-grade ebonite or cumberland, often fitted with a ring of boxwood or other exotic wood.

Depending go the grain (and my creative mood) I make my pipes smooth, blast, rusticated - or any combination that serves the expression I want to give the pipe.

The finishing is made with a smooth stain that gives a natural contrast and carnauba wax.

Every year I take part in several exhibitions, and I am often involved in lectures about the Art of pipe-making. 

Enjoy my pipes...